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Wellness Exams
We suggest semi-annual wellness exams to update your cat's bloodwork, heartworm test, fecal test, and vaccine needs. Kittens should start as young as 8 weeks old and should have 3 visits, each a month apart. This is to build up your kitten's immunity against the various common diseases. Linked below is a handout with the vaccines your pet will need, as well as information about heartworms and intestinal parasites! Also reference our feline health charts below to see what your pet may need! Outdoor cats are considered high risk due to their increase exposure to common feline diseases.

Lost Pet Microchip Lookup Rabies
Since Hawaii is rabies-free there are laws in place to protect residents and pets from the spread of rabies. For more information please visit the state of Hawaii's page for rabies and quarantine information

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How to give your cat a pill

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When you bring your pet through our front doors, you're entrusting us with an important member of your family. We don't take that lightly. Aloha Animal Hospital Associates is a group of dedicated, highly trained experts who are rich with multi-disciplinary training.

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