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When you bring your pet through our front doors, you're entrusting us with an important member of your family. We don't take that lightly. Aloha Animal Hospital Associates is a group of highly trained experts, rich with multi-disciplinary training, who also possess a unique, intangible trait - genuine compassion for animals.

There are many choices for veterinary care on the island, but our clients tell us they wouldn't go anywhere else. Why? It's more than the top level of healthcare we provide. It's the way we care. We are highly trained and educated, and we apply that training with gentleness and sensitivity.

Meet The Aloha Animal Hospital Docs

Dr. Douglas K.Y. Chang, DVM: The "Alpha Dog"

Dr. Chang is the President of Aloha Animal Hospital Associates and sets the day-to-day pace of the organization. He splits his time among a number of responsibilities including caring for pets, training/managing the staff and staying ahead of the rapidly changing field of veterinary science.

Dr. Chang is always pushing the staff at Aloha Animal Hospital Associates towards greater excellence. "If you compared me to a dog, I guess I can be sort of barky," he said. As a result, his staff characterizes him as a miniature pincher. "They tend to have a small dog complex," Dr. Chang chuckles. "They can be yappy, but they know how to get things done." Dr. Chang said his motives are always good, even if his style can be intense. "I'm passionate about giving the highest level of care to our pets. That can make me a little bit pushy. But inside, I'm more of a lab," he said. "When I know we're giving the very best care - like when we save a pet's life - then I'm able to relax and be very enthusiastic and cheerful."

When he's not busy at Aloha Animal Hospital Associates, Dr. Chang takes working vacations where he volunteers his time to help build and restore hiking trails and community centers. He also visits the gym regularly to keep himself flexible and maintain his stamina for the rigors of the profession.

Dr. Chang at a Glance:

  • Started Aloha Animal Hospital Associates: 1986
  • Degree: Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine, Colorado State University. Bachelor of Science degree from Washington State University.
  • Recognition: American Veterinary Medical Association Auxiliary Award, Mayor's Technology Award.
  • Professional Appointments: Far West Regional Director of the American Animal Hospital Association, State Representative of the American Veterinary Medical Association, President of the Honolulu Veterinary Society, Veterinary Chairman of the Morris Animal Foundation, Director of the Eye of the Pacific Guide Dogs, and Charter President of the Honolulu Optimists International.
  • Media Host: Dr. Chang is often called upon by the media as a spokesperson on pet issues. He has served as the host of "Animal Answers" on KITV (Hawaii's ABC affiliate) and "Pets and Vets," weekly radio show.
  • Pets: Similar to his work environment, Dr. Chang is surrounded by pets. He has two dogs - Missy, a female terrier mix, and Lili, a female Coton de Tulear. He has a cat named Roxie, a turtle and a variety of fish, but it doesn't end there. Outside in his garden, he has three Mille Fleur chickens named Mille, Flora and Luci. They're raising chicks.
Dr. Chang isn't just a great vet, he's also a great community volunteer. Here he is teaching kids what it's like to be a vet.

AAHA is the gold standard of accredidation for Vets.

Only 15% of vets are AAHA accredited... Is yours?

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When you bring your pet through our front doors, you're entrusting us with an important member of your family. We don't take that lightly. Aloha Animal Hospital Associates is a group of dedicated, highly trained experts who are rich with multi-disciplinary training.


Ever had pet questions such as "How should I introduce a new cat to my other pets?" or "Is it OK for my dog to lick my child’s face?" Get answers from leading veterinarians!

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