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Health Awareness Months
"Being able to take care of a pet is symbolic of our liberty."
-Douglas K.Y Chang D.V.M

December 2017-Arthritis Awareness Month
Just like in humans, arthritis in pets is common as they age. Some signs to look out for are weakness, decrease in activity, and pain. Bring your pet in for a wellness exam and arthritis assessment! >> learn more

Past Health Awareness Months :
January 2017 - New Pet Wellness Month
February 2017 - Healthy Habits Month
March 2017 - National Dental Month
April 2017 - Parasite Prevention Month
May 2017 - Allergy Awareness Month
June 2017 - Hot Weather Awareness Month
July 2017 - Microchip/Spay/Neuter Awareness Month
August 2017 - Immunization Awareness Month
September 2017 - Senior Wellness Month
October 2017- Exotic Education Month
November 2017- Diabetes Awareness Month

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AAHA is the gold standard of accredidation for Vets.

Only 15% of vets are AAHA accredited... Is yours?

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When you bring your pet through our front doors, you're entrusting us with an important member of your family. We don't take that lightly. Aloha Animal Hospital Associates is a group of dedicated, highly trained experts who are rich with multi-disciplinary training.

Health Awareness Months

Check out this month's Health Awareness Topic!

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